Create your own natural herb curry served with jasmine rice, brown rice or rice noodles


Chicken, Beef, or Pork
Shrimp or Duck
Tofu or Vegetable
High Thai'd Special (Chichen, Beef, and Shrimp)


Masaman CurryRed pepper, onion, sweet potato, carrot, and roasted peanut.
Red CurryBamboo, red and green pepper, mushroom carrot eggplant green bean, and basil leaves.
Yellow CurryOnion, carrot, summer squash, fresh mushroom, baby corn, tomato, and pineapple.
Green CurryGreen pepper, bamboo shoots, eggplant, green bean, green pea, zucchini and basil leaves.
Panang CurryRed and green pepper, fresh mushroom, green bean, eggplant and carrot.
Pik King CurryRed and green pepper, with green bean.